What People Say About Us

testimonial 2

“I can’t say enough good things about Consolidated Capital Solutions. From the get-go, they were extremely professional and patient. Debt consolidation isn’t something that I really knew about and I really appreciate the time they took to answer all my ‘stupid questions’.”

testimonial 3

“I feel like my entire life I’ve been in debt...it started with student loans and then quickly transitioned to a mortgage and some mild credit card debt. I just never felt like I was making forward progress. Thank god a friend told me about Consolidated Capital! They helped me realize that it was taking me so long was because of my overly high-interest payment and even secured me a much lower rate.”

testimonial 1

“I got an exciting job offer in Los Angeles but getting my family uprooted from Missouri (where the cost of living is way lower) was a little daunting. Thank god Consolidated Capital was able to help me make ends meet until I was up-and-running in LA!”