Personal Loans

Consolidated Capital Solutions Can Help You Open New Doors In Your Life

Most people are familiar with tools like student loans or a home mortgage. Both of these can be used strategically to help you invest in your future and help you secure a higher income or higher net worth through home equity. The problem is that there are so many other times in life that you need cash to help propel your life forward. This is where a Consolidated Capital Solutions personal loan comes in.

A personal loan is just what it sounds like, a loan that can be used for personal use! They allow you to invest in areas of your life that are important to you and are much more affordable than you might think. The best part is that a personal loan can even be used to help you get out of debt.

school (4)

Extended Education

Learning doesn’t stop after college and with so many resources on the internet, there’s more opportunity to master new skills than ever. One of our personal loans can help you learn new skills to land that new job or get a raise.

house (4)

Home Repairs/Addition

Not only does improving your home make your life more comfortable but it also increases the value of your home. If you’re thinking of selling soon, this can help you net a nice profit.

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Debt Consolidation

This is a little-known secret - personal loans can also be used strategically to pay down your debt! It’s incredibly simple and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. Just take out a low-interest personal loan and use it to pay off all your high-interest debt in full. Scroll to read more on this.

about personal loan
About Personal Loans

Low-Interest Solutions To Help You Solve Life’s Problems

The only thing that’s certain in life is uncertainty. As much as you try to, it’s impossible to predict every curveball that life throws at you. Inevitably, you’ll need a little extra help to pay for things like emergency expenses, large purchases, or continuing to educate yourself. When this time comes, Consolidated Capital Solutions should be your first call! We’ll do our best to get you access to the money you need at the lowest possible interest rate.

Loan Uses

Here Are Just A Few Ways That People Use Consolidated Capital Solutions Personal Loans

These are all of the common uses for a personal loan

large purchase (8)

Finance a large purchase

emergency expense (8)

Emergency Expense

consolidate debt (7)

Consolidate debt

moving expenses (4)

Cover moving expenses

home repairs (4)

Make necessary home repairs

education expenses (3)

Education Expenses

Why Us

Personal Loans Aren’t A Unique Product. So Why Do So Many People Choose CCS?

Our focus is on helping you solve problems - Not trying to nickel and dime you.

Industry-Leading Rates

At the end of the day, you want cash to help you meet your needs. When it comes to getting you this money quickly and at the lowest, possible interest rate, Consolidated Capital Solutions has a proven history of being the best.


We know that the lending industry has a bad reputation with this. That’s why we go above and beyond to be fully transparent with our clients every step of the way. It’s part of our culture to make sure that clients know exactly what they’re signing up for before anything is finalized.


If you like spending a few weeks waiting on the edge of your seat to see if your loan is approved then you might want to look for a different provider. However, if you want near-instant access to your money then CCS is the right choice for you!


We’ve been in this industry for years and have helped thousands of different clients who all had different situations. There’s no story we haven’t heard and can use this experience to help you navigate your situation.

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How Much Can You Save?

Use our comparison calculator to see how much you would be saving

Our Process

We’ve Made Applying For A Loan As Simple As Possible

Gone are the days of ten-page applications with fine print so small that you need a magnifying glass to read it. Our application process is so easy that your life could be completely different in a matter of just a few days.

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Give Us A Call

This can be done using the number at the bottom of this page and is only an introductory call. Our reps will just ask a few simple questions to assess your needs and see if a personal loan is the best option for you.

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Get approved

If everything goes well, you can expect to get approved for your loan in a matter of days.

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Enjoy your freedom

You know the feeling of relief that comes with finally crossing something off your To Do List? We’ll help you achieve that feeling times ten!


What People Say About Us

testimonial 2

“I can’t say enough good things about Consolidated Capital Solutions. From the get-go, they were extremely professional and patient. Debt consolidation isn’t something that I really knew about and I really appreciate the time they took to answer all my ‘stupid questions’.”

Richard Cooper

Newark, New Jersey

testimonial 3

“I feel like my entire life I’ve been in started with student loans and then quickly transitioned to a mortgage and some mild credit card debt. I just never felt like I was making forward progress. Thank god a friend told me about Consolidated Capital! They helped me realize that it was taking me so long was because of my overly high-interest payment and even secured me a much lower rate.”

Gladys Diaz

Fort Wayne, Indiana

testimonial 1

“I got an exciting job offer in Los Angeles but getting my family uprooted from Missouri (where the cost of living is way lower) was a little daunting. Thank god Consolidated Capital was able to help me make ends meet until I was up-and-running in LA!”

Craig Mitchell

Kansas City, Missouri

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Get Started

Get started down the path of becoming debt-free.

A Consolidated Capital Solutions personal loan can allow you to instantly pay off your debt and save tons of money in interest. Here's how:

Assess your current debt

Do a detailed dive into your existing debt. There’s a good chance that you are being charged an interest rate that’s much higher than you should be paying. This means that you’re way overpaying in monthly interest, which is ultimately just profit for your lender. Since monthly payments are a combination of principal and interest, it can be hard to tell. A CCS Rep can help you through this process.

Pay it off in full with a CCS loan

If it turns out that you’re overpaying in interest then you can apply for a CCS loan and use it to pay off your existing debt in full. Now, you’ll have the same amount of debt but will get to enjoy a much lower monthly payment. You can also expect to be out of debt months or even years ahead of schedule.

Enjoy the debt-free life

It might be a while since you’ve felt the feeling of being debt-free. We’re excited to do what we can to help you feel that way once again!